Event Mobile Apps -Article by Manasa Konda

Mobile Apps are growing in high demand with the technology as the majority of users are using smartphones for their everyday chores. The events industry is creating a buzz in the growth of country’s GDP. Now with huge competition in the market, it is now must for everyone to use modern technology and be available just a click away for its guests and invites for the event and provide all the useful information required to be published. Online ticketing is the latest enhancement in the Mobile Apps enabling all the events of any size to directly sell the tickets online and also coordinate with their customers at any instance. This not helps event management companies to ease their process but also have great access to analytics which within minutes it enables to check them their revenues, a number of tickets sold, inquiries from the customers, quick event updates and much more. The process is very user-friendly and need not be a techie to access it from the scratch to add the events on the apps. These are best for any level of event management companies for any level of the event, can it be corporate, professional, social or personal events. Here is a glimpse on what the event mobile apps provide and small comparison on the services which they provide. The three event apps are Cvent Crowd Compass, Lanyon GenieConnect, and Evenium ConnexMe.

Mobile Apps


Live Polling: All these three major event apps provide the features which enables customer to create-event wide polls and surveys in advance or on-the-fly, create and launch live polls tied to specific presentations or meetings at any time, polls automatically appear on smartphone & tablets, live results shown on main screen immediately and display screen in multiple formats (bar, pie charts etc.)

Slide Sharing:  This feature is mainly for corporate events. Evenium ConnexMe Mobile App is highly rated to offer exclusive features in this category. There is no requirement to upload the whole presentation at a time, slides are progressively shared as the presentation goes, take annotation directly on the slide and save it, multiple format types are accepted (like PPT, PDF, images etc), share slides with other or disables to protect sensitive information. Lanyon GenieConnect Mobile App provided everything except take annotate directly on the slide and save it an option. And, Cvent Mobile App supplies only two features which are multiple format types are accepted (like PPT, PDF, images etc), share slides with other or disable to protect sensitive information.

So far, Evenuum ConnexMe mobile is best for more professional and confidential corporate events amongst the three Mobile Apps.

Agenda & content management: Digitize the event guidebook, create attendee list or group lists; send invitations and reminders, create & update: agenda tasks, session descriptions & individual registrations, attendees can create personalized agendas – fully updateable and searchable, and an interactive map of the venue, and data capture for real-time activity monitoring, post-event analysis & reporting. All these features are offered by all the three event apps companies.

Exhibitors & Sponsors: These features are very useful for the exhibitors and sponsors for the event. This enables them to upload material to provide extra information, personalize the welcome screen and have ad banners within the app, beacons to assist with registration, navigation, promotions and games, gamification to engage and reward attendees, promote exhibitors and brand, complete sponsors list for the event and locate exhibitors on venue map. All these features are provided by all these major event app companies enable every feature available to its user.

There are many other salient features which are exclusively provided by the event apps companies. Now it is a wise decision for the event business to choose right event mobile app that suits all their requirements and has agreed to terms and conditions for the longtime commitments.