Events Industry & its evolution in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

Events Industry & its evolution in Hyderabad & Secunderabad

The transformation of Hyderabad & Secunderabad twin cities into urbanization and creating opportunities for multi-national companies and being a hub of multi-culture and multi-religion is a role model for many developing cities in India. Despite its huge development since Nizam’s time, it is a must to appreciate the former Chief Minister Mr. Chandrababu Naidu for his endless efforts in making Hyderabad an IT hub. During this transformation, there are many people who floated from rural villages to Hyderabad & Secunderabad making it their living.  This development has not only attracted companies worldwide but also became an opportunity for foreigners and locals too. This has led to the evolution of modern lifestyle, creating more space for individual needs. With the increase in population, there is a demand for the need. Hence, many industries have taken their step forward in utilizing these opportunities. Along with basic requirements, the entertainment has taken diversification. The evolving small families led to have good urban spaces both residential as well as commercial creating more time for fun, relax and refreshments along with their busy lives.


As how lifestyle is transforming, the cultural values have taken brighter steps. The Hyderabad Events industry is a rising sector for the Hyderabad economy and is making huge growth in its sector. Proving its flexibility to the world, the Hyderabad Events industry is on the strong phase of growth, supported by incremental consumer demand and forecasting incremental event industry revenues.

The industry is seeing subsequent growth due to increase in digitization and higher internet usage since the last decade. The Internet has almost become a mainstream for entertainment for a majority of the population. Hyderabad is one amongst highest spending in social and corporate events globally. With high technology developments and growth in IT Sector, the cause of lifestyle change is demanding more visibility, transparency, and access to Events.

Nowadays, every small occasion needs public attention and its presence for making it a success. Both personal (birthday parties, marriages, get-togethers, kitty parties, housewarming, baby showers, traditional festivals like Holi, Dussehra, Diwali, Sankranthi, Christmas, New Year, Ramjan etc.) and corporate events (Product Launches, Trade shows, corporate meets, business tie-ups, music launches, movie promotions, auditions, political shows, music concerts, NGO activities and many more)   are using the events for attracting more and more public in building the brand propaganda as well as a revenue generating platform. Every industry and business has made it a tradition to run events very often to establish their brand in their customers and indeed it is helping them to implement penetrating strategies by having massive reach.

Not just the commercial events but also small to giant gated communities, families are encouraging the traditions and celebrating every festival in their urban spaces. The recent Ganapathi festival is an example for this. The event management companies are also encouraging in entertaining the gated communities at their premise. Adding more beauty to nature, they are making the best use of mini functional halls within their budgets.

Hyderabad climate and geography is one another reason to best use its urban space for more commercial events. It’s passion for film industry to celebrate big events and music launches in an open auditorium allowing them to accommodate more audience. Especially, the New Year celebrations are high revenue generating events for an overall year. Many of the destination events especially celebrity marriages (Salman Khan Family event at Falknama Palace) have become vital as their social status. Using the natural beauty of the premises, adding the local traditional food in the cuisines, incorporating the music as a part of the event, involving and making participants as a part of a show is more fun taking part for everyone. The Guinness book record – Ramoji Film city is an excellent recreation center and an on-premise to many event launches and films. The most famous historic destination Charminar is famous for its tourist spot, events, especially during Ramzan for its biryani and shopping of pearls and jewelry.

No limits to the sky, Hyderabad is amongst the top destinations for the events and entertainment. All in one place with the best affordable budget, exemplifying event planning and execution make your event the best.