How Drones impact on Events themes & Planning

How Drones are changing Events themes and Planning?


Drones have taken live event production completely to its next level. They are creating an impact unparalleled to past methods. Drones are nothing but Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV) which is a flying robot. A well-trained pilot can fly the drone or can be controlled remotely with GPS.  The drones were used mainly in the military but now they are creating wonders and making a transition in the events industry and creating a new experience by capturing footage that would otherwise be incredibly expensive and nearly impossible to curate.

Drones are good in capturing aerial photographs and videos which are best utilized in pre-launch promotions and site overview videos, live streaming during events, and post-show wrap-up videos. But now drones are doing something beyond allowing for robust promotional campaigns. New routes for marketing has arisen for the marketers to attract more sponsors by branding them, or flying a company-sponsored banner behind the drone while simultaneously capturing audience video.

They have most recently been used to deliver products directly to customers during events, putting information and product placement literally right at the customer’s fingertips. Perhaps, one of the best parts of using UAVs is it allows even small events to capture high-quality video footage and imagery on a relatively small budget, making this technology plausible for just about everyone. Indian Institute of Technology- Gandhinagar organized the first ever drone racing event in India. Bhavesh Sangani, Siddharth Kumanduri and Manjunath M. from the Bangalore team stood first, second and third respectively, while Ken Kouwang from Assam stood fourth.
The event was held in association with Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL) which brought together drone enthusiasts from across India.

Drones are letting planners create wow-factor event videos and venues to shoot stunning virtual site visits. But while the new technology is undoubtedly cool, its legalities are still misty. Regulations play a key role in considering drone. It is a must to have government permission on their letterheads to fun the drones. It doesn’t require a government approval to but a drone but you have to get the approvals to fly it to avoid the further criminal actions. You are a certified pilot with known knowledge of height restriction, safety and security while doing the job.

During the event registration process, the attendees agree to photograph and videography the drones, however, if you don’t currently have that in your T&C’s you should consider adding those to cover all of your bases. Safety is in the first place as a concern for event planners. They have to manage thousands of audience to be controlled allowing some space and time for the drones. It is very important to check the indoor venues if they fit in the policies.

Drones are the future for many FMCG’s especially E-Commerce giants for using as transport of their products. They are likely to make a huge impact on the future of the events industry.