Part of success of any event is serving the best hygiene food to your invitees and satisfying their taste buds- Fusion Foods

No matter what the event is for, food is an aspect which everyone speaks about how well the event is being organized. Since the decades, India is famous for its authentic food. With various regions specialized in their traditional foods, everyone tries to best offer their invitees and guests at the event to enrich it furthermore.


Every corporate and individual splendidly spend on food when organizing the event and never compromise on its quality. Now with many new entrants in the food catering business, it is vital for everyone to choose the best caterer who can offer the authentic which they are actually looking for.

Corporates/Businesses take extra care while deciding the food menu for their events as they have to consider the likes of the group of attendees, key stakeholders, and media partners as they are the pillars of the company growth and existence. Even though the food is a priority, the next one which falls in the line is customer service. With many new entrants and competition for this catering business, most of them use temporary staff for their event requirements instead of having qualified and dedicated staff for their catering.

Fusion Foods have extremely well-experienced chefs – Monika Shahani & Bala with 12-15 years of experience and previously worked at prestigious P&O Cruise Lines, Jumeria Group of Hotels, Taj Group of Hotels and Meridian Group of Hotels with expertise in Indian, Chinese and Continental Cuisines.

With added rich experience in serving the clients, they have established Fusion Foods in 2015 with a vision to provide quality nourishment that exceeds expectations of the customers. With core values in treating the customers with respect and faith which they grow with their creativity, invention, and innovation, integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics with a touch of home like warmth & essence.

At every step of their business, the fusion food team strives to deliver the best in providing their catering services keeping in mind the long-term relationships with their clients and customers. They always say that every event is a unique challenge for them and they spend extra time listening to the customer and knowing their exact needs. Alike other competitors, they spend time and money in continual training of their employees to meet the standards for their customers. They also say that their employees are part of the family which is one of the key successes to their business. It is not just we pay salaries to our employees but also appreciates them at every opportunity we get. At the same, we do repeat one-to-one meetings to ensure they are on the same line as we are.

Coming to the corporates, we don’t end up in serving the food but also spend extra time in getting their feedback. This not only helps us in long-term relationships but also know where we can improve further as learning and progress is a continual process.

It can be any event of any size, either corporate event like business meets, anniversary celebrations, business launch etc. or individual events like housewarming, birthday parties, social events, any Indian traditional event, college events, school gathering etc., we are happy in providing our catering services at all the levels.

We have exclusive packages for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian and have various combinations for Indian, Chinese, Continental, Tandoori, and South Indian cuisines. We are also happy to create a new menu based on your needs and requirements. Please, feel free to contact us today to make your event more auspicious for your guests.