Tips for organizing devotional events

Among all the type of events, devotional events are more unique and need a highly qualified professional team who knows the rituals and traits for the respective devotional event. India is a country of multi traditions and multi-culture. There are numerous religions and numerous festivals which people celebrate. It is just not about organizing an event but is beyond it. For the same festival, there are different traits which people follow based on their region.

So, it is very important for event management companies to keep every minute point in mind while accepting, organizing and executing the events as your clients are spending huge money on the events. Here are few tips which someone should keep in mind while organizing a devotional event:
Look at the familiarity of the devotional event: When you are approached by an organization or community to offer any devotional prayers or event, it is very important to know how much you are familiar with the occasion and event when your customer approaches you. You have to know, each and every ritual as they should be offered in a sacred way. So unless you are sure about the event don’t accept it immediately. Either you have to do a lot of homework or just give up.

Through conversation with the core team:

It is very important to have one to one meeting with the core team and understand what exactly the requirement is about. It is always a good advice to involve your core team in the meeting as the expert / specialized person in that specific area can commit to what they can offer. It simplifies the things. And, also helps everyone to be on the same line. Even though it is a devotional event, it is a good practice to make everything was written – minutes of the meeting, which helps everyone to understand and be on the same line. Make some important notes on main occasion, what rituals need to be offered, any specific way the customers are keen at or needs to be considered, what type of food to be offered, what would be the capacity of the people at the venue, how many days the event is going to be, any invitation part to be done, any online support for the source information, specific pundit requirements etc.

Prepare a blueprint:

Before offering a quote/ accepting the offer, it is always best to prepare a blueprint. Make your team be part of it and run through several presentations before you outline a blueprint to the client ensuring that you don’t miss anything. Once you have a complete budget and a blueprint of the event, make your client/customers each and every step involved in organizing the event. Be ready to accept the amendments as it is not a stop show

Pre-event arrangement:

It is good that you got your event in hand. It is a very crucial step in organizing the event. You have to employ volunteers for respective departments and also make your partners get involved in doing their tasks (like security, police permissions, decorator, PR, photographers, videographers, pundits, priests etc. A thorough training should be given to the volunteers and everyone in the team should be aware whole event process and have complete knowledge of the venue. Each department head must be responsible for their team in delivering the duties. Check the hygiene of the food supplied and be sure that your clients are satisfied with that by arranging a small meal to them well before the event. Have clear roadmaps at the venue and having a demo at venue adds more advantage.

Ensure you have all the required permissions:

For large devotional events like recent Ganesh Chathurthi, it is must to take local police permission for security and organize the event; also it is a good practice to have access to local hospitals just to avoid any emergencies

Have an alternative plan:

It is always good to have an alternative plan for any size of event to avoid last minute disappointment. Recruit extra volunteers for the day and train them as well. It will help you to relax and focus on your main duties. Also, it is good to get introduced to the people around and also know their feedback about the event, food, venue and the whole process

Sum up at the end of the day:

After executing the event, it is good to appreciate all your team and also have a quiet chat with your clients. Taking a feedback is very important as it helps you to know where you went wrong or where you can better perform next time. The final meeting with client will help you not only get a new referral for the business but also the client will be confident in offering you similar events forward